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St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum

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About the Museum

Our exhibits and programs, plus personal accounts of survivors, deepen understanding of the Holocaust.

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Learn about the Holocaust from those who lived it, including St. Louis-area survivors. 

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The Museum regularly hosts public programs such as lectures, book talks, film screenings, and workshops.

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“I was told the danger of it, to be quiet, not to talk, not to cry, not to think, not to do, otherwise they would just kill all of us. And I was just petrified.”

– Sara Moses

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February 2024 Artifact Feature

Nazi antisemitism was based on racial hatred, codified by the 1935 Nuremberg Laws. These laws sought to separate Jews from German society due to the false belief of their racial inferiority.

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3 Ways to Confront Dehumanizing Language

Confronting Dehumanizing Language: Impact, Consequences, and Responses  Dehumanizing language is more than words — it's a dangerous force eroding empathy and fueling discrimination in society....

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