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Rubin and Gloria Feldman Family Educational Institute

The Rubin and Gloria Feldman Family Educational Institute supports projects that reject hatred, promote understanding, and inspire change using the history and lessons of the Holocaust. The Institute is especially, but not exclusively, interested in projects that benefit Missouri and the Midwest region. The Institute funds programs of educational and artistic merit that do one or more of the following: explore the history and legacy of the Holocaust; use the lessons of the Holocaust to examine subjects of ethical, social, and political importance; facilitate dialogue between people of different ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds; combat antisemitism, racism, and discrimination based on disability, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or age. The Institute does not fund capital improvements or operating expenses. 

Who can apply: Institute funds will be dispersed to non-profits and educational institutions. Individual educators may apply, but funds will be dispersed to the educational institute with which they are affiliated. 

How to apply: The next funding cycle will be in Fall 2024. Stay tuned for more details.

Contact: Helen Turner,, 314-442-3748