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The Holocaust Museum and Learning Center (HMLC) is pleased to announce that the family of Dr. Arthur Gale has established a fund to sponsor a Holocaust lecture series under the auspices of the Arthur and Marilyn (in loving memory) Gale Family Holocaust Lecture Series Endowment.

Chairperson of the HMLC, Kent Hirschfelder, said “We are honored that Dr. Gale believes so strongly in the type of programs we do that he is willing to establish a fund that will allow us to bring Holocaust scholars to the St. Louis community. The HMLC is only one of approximately twenty Holocaust museums in the United States so Dr. Gale’s family gift will do a lot to elevate the intellectual discussion about the history and lessons of that tragic era.”

HMLC Curator and Director of Education, Dan Reich, added, “There is always new research in the area of Holocaust study and Dr. Gale’s family has given us the opportunity to bring in the best and the brightest in the field in both established and new scholarship.”

In October, Dr. Gale worked with HMLC to bring in scholar Dr. Susan Zuccotti to speak on the subject of the Vatican and the Holocaust. Defenders of Pius XII, Pope from 1939 to 1959 claim the he was responsible for saving the lives of “hundreds of thousands” of Jews, while detractors allude to his lack of overt action and relative silence. A capacity crowd heard Dr. Zucotti address these complex questions, based on her years of research on the Vatican and the Holocaust.

Pictured: Elizabeth Sharzer, Ellen Gale, Sr. Susan Zucotti, Dr. Arthur Gale, Richard Gale and Dr. Marcia Gale