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When the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center (HMLC) opened in 1995, archival holdings had already been accumulated and recorded. Survivors, veterans and other community members have been donating artifacts, documents and other memorabilia, creating a repository of memories connected with the Holocaust/WWII years. Some artifacts have been integrated into the Museum’s permanent exhibit; others have been used as the focus of temporary exhibits as well as historical research and publications. Professionally inventoried, preserved and made accessible, the contents of the HMLC archives are handled with the honor and respect these artifacts, documents and material culture deserve.

Through a monthly Artifact Spotlight, HMLC will share some rarely seen objects from the archival holdings. Visit to view this month’s feature. For more information about the HMLC archives, or if you are considering a donation, please contact Diane Everman at 314-442-3722 or email