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Thanks to a generous donation, the BIG SONIA educational toolkit will be added to 12 teaching trunks for middle school and high school students in St. Louis through the Holocaust Museum & Learning Center!

Staenberg Education Trunk Program
This program is designed to give a teacher the tools to enhance his/her Holocaust curriculum by sending them a trunk stocked with books, maps, and films they can use in the classroom. The Museum has 12 middle school trunks and 9 used for high school. We calculate that the number of teachers trained from 2004 through 2018 has realized an additional 32,000 students being given Holocaust education during this time period.

Many regional organizations have Teaching Trunks that they loan to teachers for their Holocaust education units. The trunks are a unique way to engage students!

Want to donate the educational toolkit to a trunk program in your region? Contact Each kit is $500 and we give discounts for multiple copies.

Get in touch and help us spread the #SoniaEffect across the country!