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Walter Mayer

Walter Mayer
Nationality: German
Location: Belgium • France • Germany • Korea • Luxembourg • Missouri • New York • Seoul • St. Louis • United States of America
Experience During Holocaust: Escaped the Holocaust • Family Died During the Holocaust • Was a Soldier

Mapping Walter's Life

Click on the location markers to learn more about Walter. Use the timeline below the map or the left and right keys on your keyboard to explore chronologically. In some cases the dates below were estimated based on the oral histories.

“[As we were leaving Germany on the train to Luxembourg] I remember my dad opening the window on the train and taking his pass from World War I with all the battles he was in and threw it out the window. He had a box full of medals and he threw that out the window and said, 'We're never coming back. I don't need that stuff.' Threw it out the window, and then he cried.” - Walter Mayer