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The following poem was written by Hilda Lebedun and shared as part of the Memory Project.

The St. Louis Holocaust Museum
And Learning Center
Is celebrating
Fifteen years of existence.

The nice, important people worked so hard
To fulfill their mission
To have a place
To remember
The countless people who were
Tragically murdered.

This place is a hallowed place
Keeping thousands of words
And pictures of suffering
And pain and horror
For the world to see and to know
The brutality
Of human against human.

But through this unimaginable,
Unbelievable catastrophe,
Some of us survived by the grace of God,
And we bear witness against the murder.

In Memoriam
We also celebrate their lives,
And we thankfully appreciate
The good people
For making this Museum possible.

In Memoriam
We celebrate all the lost ones,
And we promise
Never to forget—never!

                        —Hilda Lebedun (November 2010)