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The following poem was written by Hilda Lebedun and shared as part of the Memory Project.

My being is engulfed in deep sorrow.

The loss of my dear sister Selma

Is very hard to swallow.


I am trying to digest the loss,

The sadness, pain and tears

Which follow. . . .

I am trying to reverse this

By remembering our growing up together

And listening to classical music

On the Victrola,

Needing winding

And changing the recording,

We did not bicker

What to play

We liked the music anyway.

It made me remember

How we took care

Of each other

In the Holocaust.


How we enjoyed being alive

and hearing that we were free!

How we tried to

Heal body and soul together,

She in New York,

I in St. Louis,

The distance and visits

Eased by telephone.

I did call her every night

For several years

To ease the living

In our destiny.


And I pray and pray,

Please God, bless and rest

Her soul in peace

For eternity.

And please comfort me

And help me in my sorrow.