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The following poem was written by Hilda Lebedun and shared as part of the Memory Project.

Dear God, You let me come

To the twilight of my life–

This, my life. . . .

How many detours

I walked—

How much pain and suffering

I endured.

How much pain and suffering

Of others

My eyes have seen.

How many screams

I witnessed

Of the horrible

Agony of dying!


How I prayed to You

Not to let me die

In this undescribable shame.

You heard my prayers

And pleading, and,

By Your grace,

I survived again

Against all odds

By Your mercies.

What a carnage!


God, why did You

Let it happen?

How can we atone

For our sins,

Restore our covenant with you

So that You will again look upon us

In Your loving kindness

With care and blessing

And remember

All the lost ones

With prayers to You forever!

–Hilda Lebedun (3-30-13)