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The following poem was written by Hilda Lebedun and shared as part of the Memory Project.

A new season
A new life all around. . . .

I am looking through
My living-room windows
At the redbud tree
Full of crimson flowers
And budding leaves on
The big maple tree.
What a sight!
There is even,
In the courtyard,
A bubbling fountain
With bushes in bloom,
Surrounded by red flowers in their splendor.
I do not miss so much
My beautiful backyard
Full of purple violets
In the house
Where I used to live.
I am happy! That’s a fact!

In springtime,
There are daily changes,
With some rain,
Lots of sunshine,
Gentle winds caressing,
And everything is alive!
The leaves on the
Big maple tree
Are dancing gingerly.
This is a booster shot
For my soul!
I am happy to be alive!
How can some people say
There is not a Higher Power?
Without that, there would be no humans
Or Mother Nature around!

Hilda Lebedun (April 2012)