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On this Giving Tuesday, we as for your support of a new, world-class institution! With your help, we can continue to educate visitors about the history of the Holocaust and empower them to use its lessons to shape a better world.


“I appreciate that you are teaching students and people like me to fight against things that shouldn’t happen…I appreciate that you spread the message of making the world a better place.” -Alex, St. Louis 7th grader.

For the past twenty-five years, we’ve had the opportunity to host students like Alex at the St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum. Thousands of students – 20,000 per year in fact – have learned about the history and lessons of the Holocaust through museum tours and presentations from Holocaust Survivors and Descendants. We know that students who participate in a Holocaust education program display increased empathy and openness to different ideas. In a divided world like ours, traits like that are more needed than ever.

Earlier this year, we announced a brand new $21 million expansion, which will allow us to provide new and expanded educational and engagement opportunities. Our main exhibit will cover all aspects of the story of the Holocaust with a meaningful connection to St. Louis and will utilize the museum’s vast collection of oral histories and artifacts. We intend on creating a transformative Holocaust museum experience that fosters empathy and empowers our visitors to take action against bigotry. For this reason, we know this new world-class institution will become an important resource for the St. Louis region and the Midwest.

Like many institutions, COVID-19 has encouraged us to be flexible and seek new ways to engage with students and the community. Our physical museum is currently closed due to the ongoing pandemic and in preparation for our exciting expansion, but our mission to use the history and lessons of the Holocaust to reject hatred, promote understanding, and inspire change has not halted or slowed down.

Over the last several months, we have developed a new Holocaust Education Toolkit that will bring the history of the Holocaust to classrooms around the region and around the country. All of our virtual resources allow us to continue to engage with students and impact the broader St. Louis community. Visit us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or on our website to see our full range of digital resources.

Your support is critical in supporting this ongoing work. Your gift to the St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum will help us continue to provide education and inspire empowerment for our region.