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Change Begins with YOU Workshop Series

The Change Begins with YOU workshop series is part of the Museum’s Change Begins with Us initiative, designed to empower St. Louis area visitors to work collectively to fight antisemitism and all forms of hate. “Change Begins with Us” is a reminder that we cannot do everything, but we can all do something to make the world a better place.  

Each interactive workshop will be led by a Museum staff member and/or community partner. Participants will receive takeaways to help them continue their Active Ally journey after each workshop concludes. Each participant will receive a free Change Begins with Us notebook & pen to use during the series. Participants who purchase all six workshops will receive one for free (a $15-$25 value). Each workshop is $15 for members and $25 for the general public.

Never Again is Now: Fighting Antisemitism, from Words to Action
Sunday, February 18 – 1 pm
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Antisemitism did not start nor end with the Holocaust. Alarmingly, antisemitism has been on the rise across the country for several years. However, we often struggle with how to identify it. In this workshop, participants will learn how to identify, and effectively combat antisemitism through a spectrum of responses from the workplace to the cafeteria.  

From Genocide to ethnic cleansing: Why our Words Matter
Sunday, April 21 – 1 pm
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Words carry weight. Words move individuals and countries towards action. April is Genocide Awareness Month; therefore the Museum will host a workshop on terms and terminology to explore terms such as genocide, hate crimes, ethnic cleansing etc. Understanding these terms and the motivation for using them, sometimes incorrectly, is imperative. Allowing participants to have a greater understanding of when these words are appropriate and the weight behind them. 

Taming the Digital Wildfire: Media Literacy in the Internet Age
Sunday, June 9 – 1 pm
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With so much information – true and untrue – available online and in the news, it sometimes feels impossible to separate fact from fiction. In this workshop, participants will learn key media literacy tools that they can use to understand the flow and nature of information online, learn about cognitive flaws that lead us to believe fake news and combat all forms of propaganda and misinformation.  

The Human Cost of Dehumanizing Language
Sunday, August 18 – 1 pm
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In recent years, we have borne witness to a rise in dehumanizing language, especially online. This workshop will talk about the dangers of dehumanizing language, what it is, and how to address it. 

The Pitfalls of Wokeness: The pros & cons of DEI 
Sunday, November 17 – 1 pm
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DEI is a commonly used acronym that is often used as both a catch-all and as a band-aid in the face of discriminatory actions. The workshop will explore what exactly DEI covers, its merits and where there is room for improvement, most notably in the realm of including antisemitism in DEI spaces.  

Awareness to Action: How YOU can Become an Active Ally
Sunday, December 8 – 1 pm 
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To become an active ally takes practice. This workshop will help participants understand a range of responses to antisemitism, bigotry, racism and hate that they may encounter in their daily lives and how to make real change.