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WHO was Carl Lutz?

Carl Lutz was a Swiss diplomat stationed in Budapest, Hungary, during the Second World War. Unlike many others, who stood by and did nothing in the face of Nazi persecution, Lutz used his position in the Swiss legation to save lives. Lutz remarked that he believed his actions to be a “matter of conscience” and that he had an obligation to protect those “condemned to die.” Because of this, Lutz is credited with organizing the largest diplomatic rescue mission of the entire Holocaust. Lutz was educated in the United States, where he resided for over 20 years. He lived in the St. Louis area for nearly a decade.

WHAT is the Lutz Humanitarian Award?

Nominations opened March 25, 2024 and closed May 10, 2024. The Lutz Humanitarian Award will be given to an individual or organization whose work or actions personify the spirit of Carl Lutz and others involved in the Swiss rescue efforts in Budapest, Hungary, during the Second World War. The recipient or recipients will personify Lutz’s commitment to:

  • Standing up against injustice and hatred,
  • Performing good works at the risk of one’s life and/or career
  • And/or protecting the helpless

2024 Program

The 2024 Lutz Humanitarian Award Program will take place on November 19, 2024. All funds raised for this program go towards the Museum’s mission to educate future generations to reject hatred, promote understanding, and inspire change – using the history and lessons of the Holocaust.