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Signature Programs

Support several programs and events to help distribute knowledge and lessons learned from past events.

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About Our Signature Programs

The Museum hosts regular programming for the public. The Museum has previously organized lectures, film screenings, book talks, and more. Sign up for the Museum’s IMPACT newsletter to stay up-to-date on goings on at the Museum. 

image of visitors at the Yom HaShoah Program

Annual Yom HaShoah Program

This community-wide program’s mission is to commemorate the victims, celebrate the survivors, and teach the community about the past, present, and future of the Holocaust. It is held annually at a house of worship in St. Louis and organized by Kaplan Feldman’s St. Louis Jewish Holocaust Museum. We will continue to emphasize St. Louis survivors’ stories of the Shoah through our commemoration program, which draws 600-1000 participants.

image of holocaust museum members at a St. Louis Holocaust Museum Event

Rubin* and Gloria Feldman Family Education Institute

The St. Louis Holocaust Museum conducts a multi-day educator workshop annually in collaboration with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. The institute offers lectures and presentations designed to train educators in effective techniques for integrating the Holocaust curriculum in the classroom. Click here to apply.

image of members from the Law Enforcement and Society _ St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum

Law Enforcement and Society

For the past decade, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and St. Louis Kaplan Feldman’s Holocaust Museum have worked together in education to provide police officers with training that includes a tour of the museum, an overview of how ‘law enforcement’ responded to Nazi control, and a session led by ADL staff that makes the lessons relevant to police officers’ roles in today’s society. To date, more than 2500 officers have participated in the program.

image of Change Begins With Us Logo

Change Begins With Us

Adopting the “change begins with us” approach, the Change Begins With Us campaign is a way for St. Louis residents and visitors to work together to combat antisemitism, hate crimes, and other prejudicial attitudes. The “Change Begins With Us” campaign reminds us that while we can’t do everything, we can all make a positive difference in the world.

image of Lutz Humanitarian Award an inaugural award ceremony Logo

Lutz humanitarian award

The Lutz Humanitarian Award is a memorable program from the museum that honors historical and present-day humanitarian leaders. Through this award, the St. Louis Museum ensures that the experiences of the past point the way to a more equitable and humane future.

image of Holocaust survivor

Oral History Project

This project contains the recorded oral histories, videotaped testimonies, and survivor stories of hundreds of St. Louis region survivors of the holocaust. The goal of the oral history project is to collect these first-hand testimonies of the holocaust survivors and display them at the Museum’s permanent Holocaust exhibition.