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The following poem was written by Hilda Lebedun and shared as part of the Memory Project.

Again and again

I reminisce

About my life.

How can I forget

the pain and

the degradation

which was perpetuated

in terrible transgressions

upon my soul, my body,

and the very depths

of my being,

causing me

horrendous strife

in my life.

How many years

Have gone by

And I still miss

The ones I loved

And lost,

Not only that I lost them—

But how they died!

They murdered them

In their prime–

And I still

Love them

All the time!

And I have

New ones to love

And cherish.

I cannot forget

The ones I loved

And lost,

And I still mourn

And—O, God—

I still ask, Why?

[June 18, 2010; rev. 9-12-12]